icon-intro1The Immunology Research Center was established in 2007.


  1. Study frontier translational research of immune-mediated diseases
  2. Explore the disease mechanisms of autoimmune disease and inflammatory diseases
  3. Develop novel early diagnostic kits, immunotherapy, and therapeutic drugs
  4. Train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to promote immunology research in Taiwan
  5. Promote national and international collaboration on translational research of immune-mediated diseases
  6. Develop world-class immunology research center

The center’s current research focuses on autoimmune diseases, immunometabolic diseases, cancer immunology, and gut microbiota and immunity. Using “bench to bedside” and “bedside to bench” approaches, the researchers plan to develop novel immunological techniques, early diagnostic kits, therapeutic drugs, and immunotherapies for human immune diseases. The center also trains physician scientists and immunologists, strengthens translational research, and facilitates “precision medicine/immunology” for human immune diseases.

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